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Are you feeling low, anxious, or stressed? Are you living with a long-term health condition and feeling worried about your health? Are you finding it hard to cope? Free NHS Talking Therapies (also known as IAPT) can help. Everyone goes through difficult times; sometimes our problems affect our day-to-day lives and we feel that we can’t cope. If you are in this situation, you are not alone. Talking therapies can help you if you are experiencing common issues such as: low mood, depression,anxiety, stress, panic, anger, trauma, bereavement, loss, relationship difficulties, family issues, phobias. Talking therapies can help you to understand and work through your difficult feelings, develop strategies and learn skills to nurture your own wellbeing and to cope better. The best therapy will depend on your particular situation which would be discussed during an initial assessment.

Eligibility criteria: 18+

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