Look out for your work colleagues: a World Mental Health Day message

World Mental Health Day

A quarter of the population will struggle with mental health this year – that’s roughly one in four people you’ll see at work today.

Despite this, many people incorrectly believe it won’t affect them or anyone they know.

We spend the majority of our time around work colleagues. If someone is acting differently or appears to be struggling then reach out, ask how they are and listen without judging. Being able to talk to somebody can make a big difference.

You can also let them know that they can contact Live Well Kent for support. We’ll help them figure out what kind of help is available locally and best suited to their needs. 

When somebody gets in touch with Live Well Kent, one of our advisers will help them figure out what kind of support is nearby and best suited to their needs and circumstances.

We aim to help people who are living with a mental health condition or struggling to cope with everyday life to get the right support before things escalate.