Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley

Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley

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Live Well Kent services operate in line with the latest official coronavirus safety guidelines. If you need support or wish to refer someone to us, you can call our referral line on 0800 567 7699, email info@livewellkent.org.uk or contact services directly.

Click here for further information on coronavirus and managing your mental health

Support and advice on where to get help


A support worker will give advice and support for issues that are affecting your mental health or general wellbeing. They will help you access a range of services provided by Live Well Kent and Medway as well as others that are suited to your needs.

To find out more, visit Porchlight’s website, call 0800 567 7699 or email info@livewellkent.org.uk

Mental health and general wellbeing support

North Kent Mind

North Kent Mind can offer you a range of wellbeing services and resources if you are going through a difficult time or struggling emotionally.

This includes courses to develop mental health coping strategies, help you manage depression, anxiety and stress, and to improve your self-esteem and become more confident. There is also employment support if you feel that your mental health has become a barrier to finding work.

To find out more, call 01322 291380, email admin@northkentmind.co.uk or visit the North Kent Mind website.

You can also download more a document with more information here

Employment support

North Kent Mind

If you’re looking to work but feel as though your mental health has become a barrier, North Kent Mind can provide one-to-one support, job clubs, employability courses and more.

To find out more call 01322 291380, email admin@northkentmind.co.uk or visit the North Kent Mind website.

You can also download a document with more information here

Housing and mental health issues


Porchlight offers support for people who have housing issues and are also struggling with their mental health. It can provide housing advice, help you speak to local authorities and landlords, and support you to access legal advice.

For more information, visit Porchlight’s website, call 0800 567 7699 or email at info@livewellkent.org.uk

Support with personality disorder

Megan CIC

If you have a diagnosed personality disorder or experience personality difficulties, Megan CIC can offer you support. It’s run by people who have experienced (and may still experience) the condition themselves.

To find out more call 01634 402077, email enquiries@megancic.org.uk or visit the Megan CIC website.

Support for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) groups

Rethink Sahayak

Rethink Sahayak specialises in BAME (black, Asian & minority ethnic) mental health and can offer you culturally sensitive support on a range of issues including isolation, housing issues, domestic abuse/honour based violence and social issues.

To find out more, contact Rethink Sahayak on 01474 364837.

You can download a document with more information here

Asian mental health helpline

Rethink Sahayak

Rethink Sahayak offers caring, non judgemental and empathetic support covering mental health and domestic abuse issues. It is free and confidential.

You can speak to the Asian mental health helpline in Asian languages (Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu) or in English on 0808 800 2073 at these times:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm to 7pm
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm to 3pm

If you are finding it difficult sleeping and want to talk

SpeakUp CIC

SpeakUp CIC offers a Night Owls service. It is a closed, moderated Facebook group for people who are awake at night and want to talk with others in a safe and understanding environment.

To find out more, contact Maggie at Maggie@speakupcic.co.uk or Kay at Kay@speakupcic.co.uk, or call 07543 977670.

Counselling support

Are you feeling low, anxious, or stressed? Are you living with a long-term health condition and feeling worried about your health? Are you finding it hard to cope? NHS funded Talking Therapies (also known as IAPT) can help.

For free NHS talking therapy or counselling please contact:

Support for carers

Do you care for a family member, partner, friend or neighbour? Being a carer can be a positive experience but it might also be challenging and impact on your health. Kent Carers Matter can provide specialist support.

To find out more, visit the Kent Carers Matter website

Professionals referring patients to a primary care mental health specialist service

Invicta Healthcare 

This service offers support for people with serious mental health issues. Referrals can be made by GPs and other organisations including Live Well Kent, NHS talking therapies and Community Mental Health Teams.

If you are a professional looking to refer someone to Invicta Healthcare, you can find out more on the Invicta website.

You can also download a document with more information here