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Canterbury and Coastal

Map showing the Canterbury and Coastal service area

This page contains services relevant to the following postcode areas:
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Core Support Programmes
Peer Support Programmes
Social Support
Employment Support
Housing Support
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Structured courses to help you develop your skills and understanding around managing common mental health conditions.

Coping with Anxiety & StressMaidstone & Mid-Kent Mind

Maidstone & Mid-Kent Mind

Coping with Anxiety & Stress is a 5 week, group based programme that helps people develop an understanding and coping strategies for stress and anxiety.
This course promotes the use of cognitive coaching, self-awareness and self-reflection in managing stress and anxiety in life. Participants are helped to identify triggers and coping mechanisms so that they can maximise their own self-management techniques for both improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

Coping with DepressionMaidstone & Mid-Kent Mind

Maidstone & Mid-Kent Mind

Coping with Depression is a 5 week, group based programme that helps clients develop an understanding and coping strategies for depression.
Participants are initially provided with information and activities that help them understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviour that can create depression. They will learn about all the associated aspects
of depression, including:

  • Causation
  • Prevalence
  • Signs of development
  • Variance by individual
  • Progression of severity

Wellbeing CourseChoice Support

Choice Support

A two-day course that introduces people to the latest, evidenced-based research into how to improve wellbeing. Based on the Six Ways to Wellbeing, the course explains what, and how, various easy to use techniques can alleviate symptoms of common mental health problems. Participants are encouraged to set goals for themselves and are offered one to one meetings with staff outside of the group to support them to achieve these goals. There will be between four and eight people per group. It is designed for anyone that feels their wellbeing needs improving.

Solution-Focussed CourseChoice Support

Choice Support

A two day course that supports people to think in a more positive and solution-focused way. It encourages people to look at situations in a different way than usual and helps people to use their own previous experience and strengths to find unique solutions to otherwise intractable problems. It is designed for people who find themselves ‘stuck’ or ‘in a rut’, unable to see a way forward with their problems. Particularly, but not exclusively, useful for people accessing employment services.

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Condition related or project based peer support programmes in which people share their own experiences to help each other.

Arts & CraftsThe Activity Box

The Activity Box

The Activity Box is a Pottery painting and craft studio staffed by Abi and Barb.We welcome all ages and abilities and believe the studio to be a safe, warm and positive place to visit. Clients will be offered a wide range of art and craft based activities once they start their journey with us. These can range from Pottery Painting, Positivity Jars, Journalling, Clay Foam, Pouring and Fettling, Reflexology, Flower Arranging, Oil Painting and lots more.
We have worked with Live Well Kent since December 2017 and have achieved fabulous results reported to us from advisors and directly from the clients and their families.
The 10-12 week programme for each individual is based around them and their needs. We use outside local professionals which helps with broadening the social network for our clientele not to mention broadening the activities which we can offer.
We aim to assist the clients with skills that can be continued in their own homes after their journeys have ended with us, and they are always welcome to come back in their own time and revisit us …which they do frequently .

Art Therapy

Canterbury Art Studio

Monthly Art Group facilitated by an Art Therapist with an exhibition at the end of the project. This is a six session group offering structure to your week, where there is no pressure to talk but where you can express yourself and be alongside others experiencing a difficult time and may be feeling isolated or lonely.
With an emphasis on well-being and increasing self-esteem, you will have two hours per session to use the materials provided in a creative environment without judgement or expectation. Two artists, one of whom has had similar experiences to you, are on hand to offer support and guidance if needed and help you work towards a joint exhibition with others at a gallery in Canterbury. You will contribute to some of the preparation of the exhibition and take part in a ‘meet the artists’ viewing which will be an opportunity to invite family and friends to share in your achievement should you wish.

Peer Support GroupsTake Off

Take Off

A range of Peer Led course which change on a regular basis. These including Talking Groups, Allotment, Hearing Voices, Bi Polar and Eating Disorders. Take Off will provide a Time Table each month which will focus on the most requested areas.

For more information, please visit Take Off’s website.

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Access to a range of social support groups to help you with your recovery, social inclusion or personal goals. These include: Book clubs, singing groups, film clubs, cookery groups, arts and crafts.

Social Activities and Drop InCanterbury Umbrella Center

Canterbury Umbrella Centre

The Centre is open Monday – Friday 10-4pm with a range of activities including Pool, Darts, Arts & Crafts, Yoga and more.
There is also a Drop-In Centre in St Peter’s Place Canterbury that is open to people over the age of 18 who have mental health problems and/or are lonely or isolated.
Alongside what is described above we also signpost to relevant organisations depending on the need and provide lower level advice services.

Social ActivitiesHerne Bay Umbrella Center

Herne Bay Umbrella Centre

Friendly staff are on site every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10am to 4pm (Except on the first Wednesday of each month when they close at 2pm).
Provides friendly community-based support for Herne Bay residents who may be experiencing difficulties with their mental health and well-being. Activities and support include: Arts and Crafts, IT Computer Skills Learning, Singing and Musicality, Gardening Groups, Healthy Group Walks, Social Support and Interaction Sessions, The Parasol Peer Support Group

Social ActivitiesTake Off

Take Off


  • Bipolar Group – A support group for those with bipolar, on-going support for the ups and downs, here to talk about the experiences and the diagnosis to manage your mental health.
  • Depression Group- A support group for those with depression and/or anxiety, on-going support for the ups and downs, here to talk about the experiences and the diagnosis to manage your mental health.
  • BPD Group- A support group for those with Borderline Personality Disorders, on-going support for the ups and downs, here to talk about the experiences and the diagnosis to manage your mental health.
  • Creative Group- Creative arts, crafts and baking, different activities every time, experiment with paint, oils, chalk, pottery, card making, tie-dye, baking biscuits, cakes, smoothies and more
  • Canterbury Gardening
  • Kings mile gaming- a fun and friendly group if you’re anxious, board games, card games, dungeons and dragons and much much more. For support with mental health, anxiety and other diagnoses including ASD.

Herne Bay

  • Coastal Creative – A Creative group in Herne Bay, to try lots of different activities.


  • Gardening Group- Gardening at Millfield Allotment where we’re planting vegetables, herbs etc for our cooking groups and other wonderful flowers and plants.

For more information please see TakeOff’s website.

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Employment support is provided by Shaw Trust and covers the following:

  • One to one support
  • Job Clubs
  • Personal Development Courses
  • Employability Courses.

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Housing Support is provided by Centra and covers the following:

  • Rent or Mortgage arrears
  • Repairs
  • Homelessness
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Benefits and Debts
  • Anti -Social Behaviour
  • Domestic Violence
  • Social inclusion
  • Promoting health and well-being

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We’re looking for volunteers to run fun, engaging activities for our clients that improve their wellbeing such as photography groups, arts and craft sessions or gentle exercise groups. We also need volunteers who can work with our clients on a one-to-one basis to help them reach their goals. You can give from two hours per month and we provide full support and training.

To find out more about our volunteer roles, please either contact Alison Grainger on 07779 453770 or email

To apply now, click here (opens in new window) to complete our online application form.

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Speak Up (opens in new tab or window) or call 01843 448 384

SpeakUpCIC has a broad range of Peer Support activities and services to offer the many individuals with lived experience of mental ill health in our region. As an organisation our work is supported, informed, developed and delivered by people who have a real understanding of what it is like to live with mental distress. Through different SpeakUpCIC activities people can share their experiences and views of mental health services in a safe and confidential environment, either individually or within a group.

The SpeakUpCIC forum facilitator or Service User Representative can then represent these views and concerns (anonymously, if desired) to the organisations and/or commissioners responsible for planning and providing mental health services. Through the groups, members can therefore be involved in helping develop their local services with a view to ensuring that people are provided with the necessary help they want, when they want it.

SpeakUpCIC Ashford Diary of Activities October 2017 (opens in new tab or window)

Free NHS Talking Therapies (IAPTS)

IAPTS deivers psychological services to adults with symptoms of anxiety or depression who have been referred by their GP or other health professionals.

Faversham Counselling (opens in new tab or window) or call 01795 591019

Insight Healthcare: (opens in new tab or window) or call 0300 555 5555

Psicon Talking Therapies: (opens in new tab or window) or call 01227 479902

Thinkaction Canterbury: (opens in new tab or window) or call 01227 781297

University Medical Centre: (opens in new tab or window) or call 01227 469338

Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)

KMPT (opens in new tab or window)
or call 01227 597111

Location: Laurel House, 41 Old Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3HH.

We provide support and treatment in the community to adults between the ages of 18-65 who are experiencing a mental illness. We provide assessment of their current need and treatment for service users with moderate to severe mental health needs.

The team includes psychiatrists, community mental health nurses, occupational therapists, psychological services and support staff. We also work in partnership with social care.

Social workers provide assessment under the Care Act 2014 and work with service users who have social care eligibility.

We offer a comprehensive assessment of health and social care needs and signpost service users to the most appropriate service or offer interventions.

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