West Kent

West Kent

Mental Health & Wellbeing

A variety of short courses and time-limited groups designed to support resilience, promote new learning, improve wellbeing, and build confidence towards recovery. We have activities taking place both online and face-to-face at various locations across the community. Our activities include:

  • structured programmes of support set up to inspire self-awareness and promote self-management of common mental health issues, including anxiety and depression
  • peer support groups where people with lived experience support each other to overcome shared barriers
  • groups for people with specific conditions, including bi-polar, hearing voices, and social anxiety or agoraphobia

Bereavement & Loss

A range of sessions designed to give people the tools they need to help them move forward after experiencing a bereavement or significant loss in their life, for example the loss of a job, home, or partner. We have sessions taking place both online and in-person, and we offer support in both group and 1-2-1 settings.

Art Activities

A selection of group sessions focused around different art activities. Sessions may be themed and will explore a variety of different mediums & topics. We also offer a virtual 1-2-1 programme of art & craft activities for people who are unable to attend our in-person groups; this project includes a personalised ‘kit’ of guided activities which are specifically designed to be completed at home.

Natural Environment

A selection of outdoor, nature-based activities, taking place face-to-face at various locations within the community. We have a variety of different activities scheduled across the year, ranging from fishing to woodwork, from allotment growing to fire craft, and from gardening to woodland maintenance.

We also offer an online ‘Connect with Nature’ programme for those who are unable to engage in person or who would prefer to engage from home; this programme includes informal discussion & learning about different nature-based topics, with the opportunity to take on simple nature challenges in between sessions.


1-2-1 employment-related support for individuals with a mental health or wellbeing need, who are ready to move into paid employment. Support includes but is not limited to:

  • updating CVs and writing cover letters
  • job searching and completing job applications
  • interview skills
  • in work support for 6 months


1-2-1 housing-related support for individuals with a mental health or wellbeing need, who have an issue in relation to/directly impacting upon, their tenancy. Issues can include but are not limited to:

  • rent and mortgage arrears
  • risk of homelessness/threat of eviction
  • repairs
  • unsuitable accommodation
  • benefits and debts
  • anti-social behaviour
  • domestic violence

*This is a floating support offer around tenancy sustainment; therefore, an individual must have an existing tenancy (or own their own home) to be eligible for support. We are unable to offer this support to people who are homeless.

*This service is unable to support individuals with student tenancies.

Money Management

1-2-1 money management support sessions, taking place face-to-face at various locations within the community. Sessions last for approximately 6-12 weeks per person, depending on location and/or need.

Our delivery partners are able to provide advice & guidance around the following topics:

  • benefits
  • budgeting
  • debt management
  • cost of living support