This page contains services relevant to the following postcode areas:
CT10 CT11 CT12 CT13 CT7 CT8 CT9

Map showing the Thanet service area



To learn more, contact the services directly or call Live Well Kent on 0800 567 7699.

Help finding the right support

We can meet you to discuss issues related to mental health, finance, housing, employment and more.
Run by Porchlight’s community link and Thanet health inclusion teams.  or 0800 567 7699

Mental health help

Personal support sessions, workshops designed to aid your recovery, and wellbeing courses. Includes a leadership course that teaches you how to help others using your own experiences.

Download our list of activities for December 2019
Run by Richmond Fellowship or call 01843 280022

Support groups for mental health

Groups run by people with experience of mental ill health. Get advice about managing your own health, talk about your experiences with others and take part in activities (including relaxation workshops).
Run by Take Off  Download our diary of groups running in November 2019 or 01227 788211

Housing issues

Support if you have housing needs related to your mental health.
Run by Porchlight’s community housing team
0800 567 7699

Feeling lonely or cut off

Sometimes meeting others can make life a little easier. This service will help you reconnect with people in your community.
Run by Porchlight’s community inclusion team or 0800 567 7699

Supporting and socialising with one another

Support and social groups run by people with similar experiences to you. Includes a music appreciation group, LGBT+ social group, an online support group and a weekend art group. You can connect with others, share experiences and support one another.
Run by SpeakUpCIC Download our diary of activities for November 2019 or 01843 448384

Help into employment

Looking for work but feel as though your mental health has become a barrier? Get personal support, help with job hunting, interview skills training, and help when you do find a job.
Run by Rethink

Therapy and counselling

If you are struggling emotionally, you can access free NHS talking therapy or counselling.
Insight Healthcare – 0300 555 5555
Dover Counselling Centre – 01304 204123

Support for carers

Do you care for a family member, partner, friend or neighbour? Being a carer can be a positive experience but it might also be challenging and impact on your health. Kent Carers can provide specialist support.