Celebrating Our Work

Celebrating Our Work

Live Well Kent is proud to showcase and celebrate the amazing achievements of our clients and the on-going successes of the service. Below is a selection of examples of all the good work that we have accomplished.

Sandra’s book art

Our community inclusion group tries out book folding

Being creative can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. That's why we're delighted that Sandra's book folding art group - part of our community inclusion service - is really taking off in Thanet.

People power leads to new community garden

When you bring a community together, all kinds of change is possible. This amazing new public garden in Northfleet was made possible by the efforts of our 'Community Wellbeing Network'.

Uplifting and Helpful Experience

Hi Vicki, I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks to you for our meeting yesterday, which was an uplifting, and helpful experience.


Brighter future for Philip

Philip was feeling trapped in unsuitable housing and his mental health was deteriorating. We helped him move into a more suitable home closer to his family and he's feeling much better.

Employment? Live Well Kent Can Help

This month, we celebrate the success of three people we supported into full time employment thanks to Live Well Kent!


Boosted My Confidence

“Taking part in football therapy has helped me in many different ways. It has boosted my confidence and that helped reduce my stress, reduce my drinking and I even started managing my money better.”

Swale Your Way client

Moving On Group

Luwi's client came to the St. Martin's 'Moving On Group' with us to share his MH journey & experience of accessing LWK. It was a great experience for all & the feedback he received was incredible: "true & authentic, aspirational, inspiring, encouraging”.

Emma A

She went over and above for me and I was able to improve my situation

“Universal Credit had become such a big mess. I would have lost my house had it not been for the help of my support worker. She went over and above for me and I was able to improve my situation.”

Porchlight Client

Thankyou you have been a True Life Saver!!

We received a card & letter through the post today" The past year has been difficult, and without your belief in me, I would not be where I am today. Both you (Michael) and Sam have given me the confidence I needed to move on in my life" Thankyou!!!

Sam H

This has allowed me to rebuild my confidence get in the right mindset to tackle the job market again

"I lost my job after suffering a bout of anxiety and depression. It really knocked my confidence but Mind helped me ease back into employment as a temp worker without the stress of job applications and interviews. This has allowed me to rebuild my confidence get in the right mindset to tackle the job market again.”

North Kent Mind Client

Thank You

Another Personal Development completed, and a huge Thankyou from Helen!!

Sam H

I’m being social

“This is currently the highlight of my week. I’m unemployed and spend far too much time on my own indoors and this brings me out and I’m being social.”

Take Off Client

Lee has left the building

Lee worked with Liz Parrin and due to her belief in him he ended up with yet another job but this time with her support he stayed in the job, and achieved 26 weeks FT work he has now left our support to move on with things unaided , a real star

Vicki B

Canterbury Art Studio Exhibition

The Canterbury Art Studio Exhibition was amazing! Here is Chris with his very proud Community Navigator, Luwi. Chris sold two of his paintings at the exhibition. "I'm a professional artist now!Thank you to Luwi for believing in me and always being there "

Luwi M